Know The Right Dentist For You...


Gum disease and you need to go to a Periodontist. Be it bleeding gums or a loosened tooth or excessive gums showing while you smile, a Periodontist treats them all. Depending on the case, your Periodontist may advice scaling and root planning or flap surgery. When you have excessive gum tissues he may advise trimming them down, a procedure called Gingivectomy.


Its all about kids. Kids require special care and Pedodontists are very good at handling kids. So, next time your child has a toothache, take him to a Pedodontist.

Having said all this, there are certain procedures that might require the combined efforts of various specialists and the dental surgeon. For instance, you want to put on braces but also have a few decayed teeth that require Root Canal Treatment and there is that wisdom tooth that hurts a lot. You would require go to an Orthodontist, an Endodontist as well as an Oral surgeon. It might become cumbersome and practically not feasible. The best option would be to find a MULTISPECIALTIY DENTAL CENTRE. Another type of dental practice is specialists visiting private dental clinics as consultants. There is no harm in asking your dentist about the specialists visiting his/her clinic. Try availing the best services for you.