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Are Online Car Insurance Quotes a Good Way to Save Money? If you are paying too much for you car insurance, the simplest way to get lower rates is as simple as switching to a new insurer. Yet, problems of switching to a new plan signify consumers may have a look at approaches to spend less using their current insurer instead of switching. Read on and we will examine ways you can lessen your motor insurance premiums, by giving you money-saving tips you are likely to welcome. Driver # 1: "The maniacal lipstick car destroyer." Yes it is true, while driving 40 miles-per-hour a female belief that applying lipstick was the right project to undertake. Being in the insurance policy industry and understanding the damage an unmanageable car can perform at 40mph I hit the gas to emerge from just how. I was speeding sure, but I saved my car insurance company from paying a claim. Besides, she could have had more makeup to use. So I was safely walking on. Or so I thought. In truth however, greater information that is personal you are prepared to divulge, the greater accurate your quote is going to be. Omitting or changing information at this stage in the game do not possess the perfect effect on a final rate that youre going to pay. It will cheap car insurance for young drivers uk best car insurance for young drivers car insurance for young drivers uk instead will convolve and lengthen the process and may even cut get you started of a few savings that were specifically tailored for your real drivers profile. If you dont have an existing policy, youll want to decide the limits of coverage you would like. A place to get started on is to use the minimum required limits of liability to your state. Keep in mind, why these are minimums and might be too low to adequately protect you financially. You may want to increase those limits when getting quotes and then you can always change that later. Another method that you might use is to accumulate quotes from different companies and phone the competition. Tell them how the rival insurance carrier offers you this rate for that insurance plan that you might want and get them whether they have an improved offer. More often than not they will try and match the pace their competitors, simply to get the business and will also offer you cheaper motor insurance.