Many Ways To Ignore The Drill Sound While Sitting On A Dentist´s Chair

Do you know somebody who wants to go to a dentist? I have not heard anybody I know of, who is looking forward to an oral yearly check-up. Most are scared just to think about it. Even the word dentist can cause nausea to so many sensitive persons. Just by writing this hub I can already smell the particular smell of anaesthetic medicine. But when you have your teeth broken, spoiled and have a hell of a pain, you have to. Theres no other way!!!

I have known my dentist for more than ten years. He is good and gives anaesthetic injection that a bite of a mosquito is more painful but still it troubles me much when Im sitting on his chair. Its not only the pain but the sounds of his drill machine that makes me always panic.

Having a dentist treatment is an awful thing to me. Its okey if youre having a check-up for just half and hour. But what if its more than two hours? What should I do on a dentist chair doing nothing but opening my mouth widely and some water spitting on the "sink"?

The idea of ignoring that awful sound of the drilling machine has occurred to me in the 80s, when I was treated for the first time for 2 1/2 hours for my teeth was really so bad.

After I was given injection, I was talking to myself silently while the dentist and his assistant were doing their job. `Be calm. Forget the noise around you. Think something that is beautiful. Think about holidays, beaches, sunshine, trees, blue oceans, etc.... Then I felt myself started to relax. My arms were light in my sides. My breathing was slow.