Total solar eclipse - power disruption of solar energy for Europe and Britain

An article published on March 10 is warning that the coming total solar eclipse will cause a solar energy power disruption in Europe and Britain. The Huffington Post is following suit by stating that the total solar eclipse may do more than darken the skies over Europe and Briton stating solar energy power disruption. The Total solar eclipse will occur at 9:45 a.m. UT (5:45 a.m. Eastern Time) on Friday, March 20, the biggest in Europe and Britain since 1999. Parts of Europe and Brittan will experience an 85-percent reduction in sunlight during the total solar eclipse, hence the stated concern with regard to solar energy power disruption.

On average 240 solar eclipses and 150 lunar eclipses occur each century; which means a total solar eclipse is nothing new for Europe or Britain. The solar energy industry was certainly around for the past two European total solar eclipses so one might wonder if power disruption is a valid concern. One might also wonder why an industry like the solar energy industry, that is dependent on the sun, would be worried about power disruption when there are plenty of days without sunshine particularly in Britain.

On the other side of the coin, many people will turn out in Europe and Britain to witness the total solar eclipse, unaware of solar energy and power disruption concerns. For these people, it will be a rare occasion to see the illusory moon pass in front of the sun. For these people, everything will be just fine.