How To Go About Selecting a Personal Injury Attorney

When you choose an accident attorney, your attorney may provide any of the following services:

Handling the details: The legal process can be tedious, filled with specific procedures that must be followed exactly lest your case be denied even before its fully presented. A personal injury lawyer works with your doctors and your insurance company to develop a foundation for a strong case.

Conducting an investigation: Aside from reviewing your claim, medical records and the police report (if one was filed), an attorney will also conduct their own thorough investigations. In cases of automobile accidents, they rely on the experience of automobile accidents lawyers to help build your case.

Using previous experiences: The Phillips Law Offices attorneys have a success rate of nearly 100 percent on the cases they accept. They can use their previous knowledge of the laws that affected other successful cases to avoid needless repetition or research.

Providing resources: Building a persuasive case often takes more than just the testimony of the people involved. Your attorney will call on expert witnesses who can testify to medical facts, accurately reconstruct accidents and calculate true financial losses attributable to the accident.

Knowing when to settle: An old song once celebrated the importance of knowing when to hold em, knowing when to fold em. The Phillips Law Offices attorneys work with you to avoid litigation when necessary, in cases where the negligent party offers a fair and reasonable amount in damages outside of court.

Most personal injury cases are settled outside of court. There is a lot to consider when you are injured, and it can be tempting to settle when an offer is put before you, even if you do not think the amount is sufficient. Let the Phillips Law Offices Illinois personal injury law firm determine what is a fair and reasonable amount, and when to accept an offered settlement.