Where Will Be The Dreamers

When the Tennessee Mountain Man was a new man, there have been dream women. Girls like Raquel Welch, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Nancy Sinatra, Tina Turner and the Vargas women. Man, we also thought Dale Evans, Annie Oakley, Miss Kitty, Della Street, and the lady next-door were hot... probably a hormone point.

But, there have been also dreamers. Dreamers like John Kennedy who had a dream that challenged and inspi-red a new era. Dreamers like Martin Luther King, Jr. Who'd a dream that changed a country. Bobby Kennedy had a dream. The Gipper had a dream.

Then there were the desire makers... dream makers like school teachers who pushed you to become all you might be, professionals like solicitors and doctors who used their skills primarily since they cared for their fellow man generally for a pound of butter, several fresh farm eggs, a chicken for the dinning table, or a gallon of fresh churned buttermilk, and there have been men of God who spread the Gospel out-of love for anything other than numbers, pleasure and money. There have been neighborhood leaders who inspired and they interacted with their people and really got on the road.

The poet Langston Hughes:

'Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is really a bird

That can not fly.

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is just a barren field

Frozen with snow.'

Where will be the Dr Kildare's that dare challenge someone to a noble service greater than themselves rather than seeking self aggrandizement?

Where is America's future? Where are the dream striking SHOWS and actual street visits like Route 66? Where are true cars that people can fall in love with? Where are the road side stands where a child's imagination may be driven for hours without something being stolen or broken?

Where have all the dreamers gone? Where have the dream makers gone? Why are those that began with just a dream now placing easily inside their million-dollar homes sipping brandy in the morning and ensconced in their ivory towers by day while dreamers disappear from the landscape? Who do they think will stimulate a new era to dream, to care if they do not? What we've been given, what we have accomplished has a cost which can not be abdicated. The dream, the motivation has to be passed to a brand new era. They need to strive for a brand new frontier.

Oh, community love, community pride, community attention, 4-H Clubs, Boy Scouts, FFA, school plays and cake walks where art thou? The Computerman do not see his grandchildren pursuing these things or dreaming about what could possibly be. We have perhaps not arrived by way of a long shot. Where is the next generation and what'll it achieve? Will it add something worthwhile to God's earth or be self absorbed or be couch potatoes playing with the latest gadget?

Does your pastor stimulate the young people, or is he or she only there to count heads and collect pounds? If it is not the former, it's time for a new pastor. Do the teachers in your schools encourage and motivate students? If not, send them packing. Their really extensive vacation schedule and short hours be damned. Identify supplementary information on this related article directory by browsing to pastor lee mcfarland. Let them do this for which they're best suited like slinging burgers in the Golden Arches rather than holding back our prodigy. Do political leaders and social lead? If not, change them, and the sooner the better for your next generation of dreamers.

How come hanging in the engine so popular today? Why are gangs and gang bangers so prevalent? Why can't our youngsters dream beyond their current conditions? We did! We wished to be Wyatt Earp (at least the TELEVISION image), Matt Dillon, The Lawman, Perry Mason, Dr Marcus Welby, M.D., Paladin, Pat Garrett or perhaps even the Reverend Billy Graham or another Reverend Dr Martin Luther King or a Sister Theresa or perhaps Elvis or Ricky Nelson and we enjoyed seeing Lassie while wolfing down a huge bowl of pop corn or home dry peanuts while we dreamed.

We had to dream before we accomplished, before we acted. Before we'd the answers there were the goals. Discover more on a related paper - Click here: pastor lee mcfarland. There was a dream, then there was Rosa Parks. There was a dream, then there was John Glenn!