What to Consider When Installing Hardwood Floors

You take the time to look at a variety of colors and materials when planning your new hardwood floors. You take photos of your room and ensure that the new floors will complement the rest of your décor. You consider the size of the room and amount of light. The next step is to consider the installation to ensure the final result is as beautiful as you imagine it. 


DIY or Professional Installation


If you are planning to install hardwood floors in Toronto or other areas, you may consider doing the job yourself. After all, you will save money, which means you can afford the more expensive option on the flooring you choose. Unfortunately, the most beautiful and expensive floor will not look good if it isn’t installed correctly. 


Installing hardwood floors isn’t something everyone should tackle. You must have basic carpentry skills and be able to handle a variety of cutting tools. This is essential for all types of installation. 

From there, you will determine the method of installation based on your flooring choice. Some methods are easier for DIYers while others require professionals with experience. The pattern of the floor also determines the level of difficulty. If you have intricate patterns to maintain throughout the room, you may find that it is more time-consuming or difficult than you want to handle. 


Type of Installation


The floor you choose will often determine how it is installed. For example, laminate flooring is usually the easiest to install because it is basically a floating floor. This means it isn’t attached to the subfloor with glue or nails. However, they are also the most susceptible to damage, which can mean more cost for replacement. 


Solid wood floors can also be floating floors, but the joints are glued together so prevent the boards from moving. This option is generally seen with engineered wood. Two other options for installation exist with hardwood flooring. The boards can be either nailed down or glued in place. When the floor is glued down, a glue-like substance is applied to the subfloor and the boards are placed on top. To use the nail-down method, you would install the boards with a pneumatic nailer. 


When deciding how to install your new hardwood floors in Toronto, you must calculate how long it would take you to do the work versus a professional installer. You also want to think about the end result. Consider your level of expertise and how comfortable you feel cutting boards to the correct size. A mistake can be costly to fix, and it can ruin the entire look of your floors. 


If you intend on handling the installation yourself, make sure to allow plenty of time for the job and have all tools on hand. Be familiar with the method you choose and ask any questions before you begin the process. 


Once your floor is finished, you can enjoy the beauty it provides for many years as it enhances the value and design of your home. 


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