Meir Ezra: Notes from Genius Tour

Genius Tour June 14, 2013 Meir Ezra


Meir Ezra wowed all of us.  His presentation was filled with so many golden nuggets of information, splattered with exercises of both the mind and body, as well as some pretty funny dirty jokes in his rather strong and charming Israeli accent.  When he comes to town again (he LOVES Hawaii!!), please go.  [Update:  Meir will be teaching again on August 17 and 18 at the Hyatt Place.  To sign up, go to The Genius Tour and choose Hawaii.


Here are the notes that I took from this intense 2 day seminar.  Most of them are standalone ideas that deserve time to absorb:


What do you expect from the seminar? If you don’t know what you expect, how will you know that you arrived there? We must define what we want.


Essence of genius is simplicity. Know the definition of words.


A professional is one who thinks it is simple.


What is truth? Exact time, place, form and event. Does not contain continuation.  A Lie is the opposite time, place, form and event, and continues.