Major mistakes to avoid when running PPC ad campaign

Online advertising is must in current digital age. Adhering latest marketing techniques to be top in the league of competition is necessary. Often while running a PPC campaign mistakes are ought to occur, which can cost expensive.
Following are few mistakes avoided and best practice followed by PPC Management Company in Manhattan, or elsewhere when running a PPC campaign-
MISTAKE-Not clear with the budget before running a campaign can cost highly expensive for a business.
BEST PRACTISE- Setting a budget beforehand a campaign goes live is must. Mapping out cost of campaign will help clear the goals and keep the cost in budget.
Keyword selection
MISTAKE-Miss out to do keyword research makes business loose its potential customers.
BEST PRACTISE- Selecting keywords right is necessary for making a campaign successful. The keywords should be business centric and focus on targeted audience. Use appropriate tools for searching right keywords that brings good traffic on site.
Geographical targeting
MISTAKE- Running a campaign without researching the market is biggest blunder. Campaign should be targeting right audience. With right audience here, I mean that can become loyal customers.
BEST PRACTISE- Targeting audience nationally increases competition, whereas targeting locally provides better opportunity to earn more customers interest. Hence, geographical targeting helps in developing brand awareness.
Ad design
MISTAKE- Missing call to actions or definite landing page URL will lose targeted audience focus.
BEST PRACTISE- For displaying ads accurately, necessary calls to actions are must to be introduced. This will bring right searchers to your ad making it more customers centric.
Landing page design
MISTAKE- Making user spend their time in searching your brand, its contact information, product or service loses their interest and make them pick your competitors.
BEST PRACTISE- Landing pages should display call to actions within seconds. These should highlight product service and details, so that customers do not have waste their time searching about your brand information on website. This will allow customers to choose you over your competitors.
Negative keyword monitoring
MISTAKE-Not monitoring keywords brings irrelevant searchers to your website that generates no leads.
BEST PRACTISE-Checking AdWords daily is must in order to find whether the keywords are approaching right audience or not.