TA18 titanium alloy pipe

TA18 is low alloyed near α type α + β type titanium alloy, is a range of medium strength between titanium and titanium alloy TC4, weldability and cold forming properties are better than TC4, not only has a good room, high temperature mechanical properties and corrosion resistance, and has excellent cold and hot processing plasticity, formability and weldability, is an ideal material for the production of pipes. But TA18 titanium alloy pipe in the preparation process, the resulting texture will lead to performance anisotropy, which seriously affect the mechanical and technological properties of the pipe. Also TA18 Titanium deformation resistance, high hardness processing, production of pipes is likely to cause the wall to crack, resulting in low yield, high unit costs.

TNTI prepared mainly for TA18 Titanium machining pipe under different specifications, different conditions, through research to improve the technical means tube preparation, heat treatment, pipe rolling, surface treatment, etc., the preparation process of the regulation of titanium pipe processing technology parameters to obtain high radial texture, textured lower circumferential texture ideal state. Improve the mechanical properties of the pipe, to improve the yield and precision tubes, and the production of relevant process parameters can be adjusted according to actual needs, to obtain the ideal titanium precision pipe, TA18 pipe mechanical properties of tensile strength can be achieved ≥862MPa , yield strength ≥724MPa, elongation ≥12%, with high mechanical properties, good processing properties and good corrosion resistance.