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Sam Muslin is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry. We believe that in the future, insurance companies will be aware of this method and right now they are not. The bite determines the shape of the patient’s face so in order to look your best, the bite needs to be optimized to the patients facial structure. Look at the shape of his face and look at his chin in the before photo. Once the surgery is completed a patient is amazed that their teeth are now aligned. Most dentists are not even aware that this method exists. “You will never look your best, feel your best or achieve maximum health unless your jaw position and bite are idealized.” You cannot get overbite correction or under bite correction with porcelain veneers. Although severe under bites are better treated with jaw surgery, most under bites can be successfully treated with this non-surgical method.

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Unfortunately porcelain veneers do not correct the lower jaw position. In the following photographs you will see that when she bites her teeth together, there is a gap between her upper teeth and her lower teeth. This method uses jaw position imagery to locate the best possible functioning position for the lower jaw which reduces it’s large jaw size appearance. The potential of Face Lift dentistry is overbite correction, under bite correction, correcting bad bites, open bites and many other hybrid forms of bites. Most people have searched the Internet and have found a couple of non-surgical under bite treatment methods that have given them hope. Non-Invasive Mouth Reconstruction This procedure is the first of its kind to completely rebuild your bite and mouth non-invasively. Most patients may be going to college or have a job and the last thing they want to do is loose a semester of school or take off time from work for jaw surgery and wear braces for a couple of years. Most dentists are not even aware that this method exists. The most important aspect is the geometrical, functional and three-dimensional analysis that Dr. He now has a new bite, a better-proportioned face, stronger jawline and a more masculine appearance.