Home Lift Offer Better Value

However, in the case of the staircase with an unusual design, the installation of the rails would be very difficult and thus may require much more time to be put in place. The result is a stair lift that is more expensive, because of the higher cost of labor and even materials. Moreover, while the lift may increase the value of the home, it will not be anywhere near the increase in market value that will be provided by a personal elevator. The main reason is that it will be very difficult to sell the lift that is provided for an unusually shaped staircase unless you find a home with a staircase that is exactly the same in shape. Thus home lift may offer great value in certain situations.

Another reason why a residential elevator may be a better choice than the stair lift for an unusually shaped staircase is:It is difficult to get an accurate estimate until the potential installer actually visits your home to take measurements.

1. This may have the disadvantage of exposing the homeowner to high pressure sales tactics when the installer visits their home.

2. The installation of a system may be more than what is actually needed.

In addition, an expert installer is required, because of the difficulty of the installation and this will further compound the cost.