Chiller CW-6200 is better than CW-6000 for cooling blister machine

A few days ago, we received an inquiry for Uruguay customer who has been interested in purchasing industrial water chiller CW-6000 to cool a mold in a blister machine. However, we recommended chiller CW-6200 with larger cooling capacity.

The basic requirement is that the cooling capacity of chiller requires to reach 3KW when the water temp at 16 ℃ and ambient temp close to 25 ℃. As the large water resistance, the pump with 0.37Kw  28m would be appropriate and it is available to fill the chiller with R410A.

However, according to the cooling performance curve, the cooling capacity is changed according to the ambient temperature and water temperature. The cooling capacity of CW-6000 is 2.2KW @ 20C ambient and 20C water temp while CW-6200 still has 4.3KW at the same conditions.
Thus, the chiller CW-6200 is more suitable for the cooling demand of blister machine.
Besides, the CW-6200 is the standard product and have stock in our factory, the customer can pick up the goods directly.





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