Sinorock is the first manufacturer of self drilling rock bolt in China

Sinorock was established in 2011, and it is the first manufacturer of self drilling rock bolt in China. Sinorock has its own factory since establishment, which is over 5000 square meters and has various special ancillary equipments.

The company has a complete team offering the service from site construction and anchor selection to technical adjustment. Above all it can provide the most professional and reasonable scheme to customers. The products fully meet the performance requirements, and so on. It not only provides standard products, but also special products upon the customer requirements.

In order to achieve high quality rock bolts,we conduct rigid quality control on each production process. Our rock bolts are made of high quality materials, and we use advanced production equipment and technologies. Our talented team of engineers designs and develops new drilling tools, while we can also produce rock bolt according to customers' specific requirements. Now, our company is approved by ISO9001:2008, and our rock bolts are popular among clients at home and abroad.

Thanks for your visit. If you are in need of our rock bolts, we welcome you to try our products. We are certain you will be satisfied with our equipment, and we look forward to working with you. For ordering and inquiries, please contact us at our website.