How to overcome rejection

How to overcome rejectionHow to overcome rejection


Today I would like to piggyback off a blog I read from Ray Higdon at  If you are in any network marketing business whether home or online, there is something that should always be at the forefront of your business..”boldness” or as Ray Higdon mention “Be Ten Times Bolder (B10XB).  Boldness is a part of some people’s DNA.  They have no problems with approaching, calling, or addressing a person or an issue head on.  And, then there are people who are similar to me or how I was.  Afraid of rejections; therefore, lacking boldness.


Being Rejected

Being 10 tens bolder had not always been the forefront of my business.  I was afraid of rejection.  I realized, and you will have to also, that rejection is inevitable.  Whether it is in your home business or by someone you know, it will happen and it will happen a lot.  The key to being ten times bolde is overcoming rejection.  I overcame rejection by looking at it as my strength and not my weakness.  It is a teacher!  If you ask any top marketer how many times they were rejected, the number would be infinite to them because it’s too large to remember.  I can’t begin to tell you how often I’ve been rejected.  The rejection thought me how to be bolder.

Some top marketers have said, go for the “no’s.”  No’s places you in the position for more “yes” and it strengthens you in your home business and life.  The average top marketer is ten times bolder and more than they have been because they decided to take a negative and turn it into a positive.  Do not let rejection break you but make you… Elite Marketing Pro shows you how to overcome rejections.