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The good folks at Efficient Furnace is Greater Vancouver's choice for residential heating and cooling companies since 1993.


We set up furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, tank less water heaters, hot water tanks, fireplaces and more. We're accredited sellers for a lot of of the industry's top brands and have some of the most skilled and adequately trained installation technicians within the industry. Free in-home estimates are available on new furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, and on demand water heaters


According to a survey by a major supplier we have a ninety eight% satisfaction ranking on our installations!


Furnace Upkeep Ideas


If your furnace needs maintenance service, our well-stocked vans and highly trained pros will get the system running at peak efficiency. On furnace repairs, we provide upfront pricing, you only commit to an evaluation price before we arrive, and you will be aware of the cost of a repair before we start any work.


Arranging common house furnace cleaning is important for indoor air quality as it's easy to let annual events like that slip past you. We recommend you find a local plumber or furnace specialist you like and let them schedule you in.


They should have a furnace sticker with a service date so you'll know when it's time again. You might even mark the sticker every time change filters in order to keep an eye on maintenance.


A clean, nicely-tuned furnace will produce more heat than a unclean furnace, and help you save money in the long run. People in the home heating field encounter dangerous furnaces every so often. A neglected furnace will collect dust and other debris that runs the chance of igniting under certain conditions. If that sounds unbelievable, call the local fire department and ask for what number of fires have started from a neglected house furnace.


Thinking of Shopping for A New Furnace?


If a new furnace is in your plans you have decisions, much like using an enhanced blower. If you afford the additional cost, a high efficiency furnace can justify that price in intitial financial savings and long run saving as well, for types that outlast traditional type furnaces. There are furnaces with ninety eight% efficiency on the market nowadays which means that it's worthwhile groing through the numbers.


Use a well-known gas fitter to ensure your protection and peace of mind. Do not ask your next door neighbor to fix your central heating system unless he holds a gas ticket. Saving cash on a gas appliance is best served by hiring a certified professional for your family safety. Same thing pertains to an electric furnace… those varieties also need a certified service man.


Don't forget the air ducks. A dirty duck system reduces air quality and might be the source of illness at home when really dirty. Hire a pro to make certain your furnace meets local code requirements and retains peak efficiency. A tuned furnace will save money and keep you warm.



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