The Basics of Ante-Natal Massage

Pregnancy massage has become more popular recently, where it was once limited to expectant mothers who favored alternative forms of therapy. Today, it is seen as a useful way to relieve the general discomforts of pregnancy, and recent evidence scientifically documents the benefits of this form of massage. Expectant mothers and fathers can read on to learn about the availability, nature and uniqueness of this relaxing, rejuvenating form of massage.

Where Pregnancy Massage is Available

If one is considering a what is ovulation, they should find a pregnancy massage clinic. Obstetricians and midwives are an excellent source of recommendations, as is the local telephone directory or an internet search. When an expectant mother finds a therapist, she should ask them about their qualifications and training.

Whats Involved?

A popular form of pregnancy massage uses Swedish massage-based techniques to reduce muscle tension and improve lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Some therapists use incense and aromatherapy oils to enhance the experience, but some oils should not be used as they can bring about contractions.

Its up to the expectant mother to decide how much skin to expose. Some women feel comfortable in little clothing, while others want to remain covered. To realize the most benefit, however, the therapist should be able to access as much skin as possible.

Whats Different About Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy and general massage are similar in some ways, but they are very different in others. In pregnancy massage, there are risks associated with the stimulation of certain pressure points in the ankles and wrists. Some couples book a therapist for a couples massage, while others ask the therapist to demonstrate techniques that can be used at home.

The Benefits of Pre-Baby Massage

There are many reasons Why A Pregnancy Massage Is Good For You. When massage during pregnancy is done properly, it is proven to reduce an expectant mothers levels of certain stress hormones, and it increases serotonin levels to reduce anxiety. A pregnant woman often feels energized after a massage, and some experience relief of heartburn and nausea.

A good massage can relax the muscles and relieve pain in the joints, and it can be especially beneficial for women with pain in the sciatic nerve. It may improve labor progression, and result in a better health outcome for the baby and the mother. Pregnancy massage allows an expectant mother to take the time to relax and enjoy something special—just for herself.