Armada - The cars of "Mad Max: Fury Road" - Pictures

Nux's souped-up Chevrolet 5-door coupe is a hotrodder's dream, a super-turbocharged, nitrous-boosted chariot made from a polished steel chassis, powered by a coiled V8 engine, with canted wheels and swooping, wing-like exhaust pipes.

"Forty-five years post the apocalypse, the vehicles most likely to survive and have some chance of functioning would be those without microprocessors, computer chips, or the crumple technology that you have in today's cars," said director George Miller.

Instead, the "Mad Max" fleet was built on old-school muscle cars and rat rods -- less aerodynamic but with stiffer bodies.

"Using vehicles from the '80s right back to the '40s gives them a certain style as well," Miller added.