Particulars Of The Citi Upromise Card Application

Particulars Of The Citi Upromise Card Application

The Citi Upromise Card, issued by Citibank, is intended for use by these who have extremely excellent credit and want to take benefit of its built-in college savings reward plan. Get additional resources on a partner web page - Click here: study superbahis giris. Enrollment in the Upromise program allows cardholders to earn a ten% rebate on choose purchases. With over 7,000 grocery and drugstore items, a 2% rebate on gasoline bought at Exxon and Mobil, and a 1% rebate on other purchases, your account can swiftly build up a nice college fund for the future.

The card has an introductory interest rate of % that also applies to any balance transfers and has no annual fee. The introductory rate is very good for one particular year, and is followed by a variable rate of 11.99% on purchases, and a minimum of 19.9% on cash advances. Balance transfers requested right after the introductory period are subject to a three% charge with a minimal of $5 and maximum of $75. Other benefits of the Citi Upromise card contain travel accident insurance up to $1000,000, auto rental insurance, and other services associated to travel and emergency assistance. It also offers student discounts on selected products and services via participating merchants and retailers.

Participants in the rewards plan can expect to obtain between 1% and ten% in rebates with a maximum annual rebate of $300 on grocery and drug retailer items. Gasoline purchases are unlimited. Identify more on an affiliated paper by clicking find out more. Some of the other added that a cardholder receives with this card include:

Access to your account on the web

Solutions to identity theft

Protection from fraud

Automatic payment of your bill

A year finish economic statement if requested

No cardholder liability for unauthorized transactions

Your photo on the card (optional)

Travel and accident insurance coverage up to $1,000,000

Insurance coverage for vehicle rental

Emergency help and travel services

Medical and legal referral services

Assistance with lost baggage

Replacement of lost cash

Emergency replacement of your card

Reporting of lost and stolen cards

Auto rental discounts

Student discounts at participating merchants and retailers

With the rewards system connected to this card, the minor disadvantages are but an inconvenience. What far better way to save for college than by making use of your credit card? Its straightforward, handy, and it doesnt have an annual fee..