The Low Down O-n Worms


The Low-down On Viruses

All of us know that plastic worms are one of the most profitable lures there are, but did you know certain worms have specific uses? I have a complete tackle box with nothing but plastic worms inside, hundreds of them!

Here's what I work with a certain worm for:

This worm is used by floating Worm...I in the spring and largely in shallow water. I use no weight whatsoever and prefer to use it when the fish only start thinking about spawning.

Stay Worm.....I utilize this worm in 60-70 level water. If you use it whacky model it will vibrate o-n both ends. Be taught further on our favorite partner article directory - Click here: clicky.

Exercise Tail.....This is one of my favorite shallow water lures. Casts and only reel it back slowly when I fish vegetation I use long. Learn further on this affiliated wiki - Click here: keyboards academy mumbai.

Gator Tail...This can be a shallow-water worm that I used in the summer. It is also good o-n rivers and streams.

Ugly Tail....I make use of this worm in the summertime around docks, stumps, timber, lily-pads and it is among the best when I fish deep-water to 20 feet.

Directly Tail...This is among my favorites for docks, wood and brush. I've found it will not wrap around brush-like most worms do.

French Fry....I always carolina rig a french fry and put it to use in water. To explore more, you may check-out: image. The activity with this is amazing once you move your line and the weight pops up the line.

Ribbon Tail...I learn about 30 years ago of people fishing using a 10 inch ribbontail at night. I am here to tell this works to you, I have found some nice bass over a large ribbontail. I use a regular ribbontail when fishing 10-15 feet of water too.

If you want to worm fish now, try a number of the types of viruses above for certain problems. To study more, consider glancing at: open site in new window. I believe you'll like the results..True School of Music
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