There is life in the alloy

Shape memory alloy is capable of plastic deformation of itself in a particular temperature is automatically restored to the original shape of the alloy. In addition to memory alloy has a unique shape memory function, but also has a wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high damping and super-elastic and other outstanding features. Nickel - Titanium at above 40 ℃ and 40 ℃ below the crystal structure is different, but the temperature changes in the upper and lower 40 ℃, the alloy will shrink or swell, so that its shape changes. Here, 40 ℃ is a nickel - titanium memory alloy "abnormal temperature."
Memory alloys have been used in pipe joining and automation control, with memory alloy casing can replace the welding method at low temperatures the tube ends of the full expansion of about 4%, the socket assembly together, a heated sleeve shrink restore the prototype, form a tight engagement. US Navy aircraft hydraulic system uses 100,000 this joint, oil spills and damage over the years it never happened. Submarine ships and oil pipelines damaged, repair it with memory alloy fittings, very convenient. In some parts of the construction inconvenience, with memory alloy pin, into the hole heating, curl its tail end automatically separated form single assembly.
Application Memory Alloys in the medical also very compelling. For example, the artificial heart is a structure more complex organs, muscle fibers made of shape memory alloy and elastomeric film ventricle match, can mimic the ventricular contraction. Because memory alloy is a kind of "an alloy of life", using it at a certain temperature change in shape, you can design all kinds of self-control devices, its use is expanding.
TNTI company's technical team, back in the eighties began to engage in research and development of a shape memory alloy, in the development, application and theoretical discussion of the material aspects of the new material has been living in the forefront of international academic field of shape memory alloys, developed a series of the first type new products. Although the United States, Germany, the world has made notable achievements in peer-memory alloy interventional therapy, but China is still in the field of memory alloy is a world leader.