Quick Programs Of estate agents dublin For 2012

Of all estate agents’ tricks, the block is probably the one people least expect. Most of us assume agents want to sell properties to us and so it doesn’t occur to us that they’re going to be interested in preventing us from buying. There are several reasons a realtor might attempt to block us from getting a property. The most obvious is always that they’ve planned a slash-and-grab by themselves or one with their contacts and thus do not want us to disrupt their plans when you purchase in a higher price than they’re offering. Another reason could be how the agent has a buyer that is also applying for a home financing through that agent or even an associate mortgage agent. The agent can earn almost as much commission from flogging the mortgage as from selling the property so could be less interested helping a buyer with cash or who may have organised their own mortgage. In both these cases, a real estate agent may withhold our offers from a seller or, when they do offer our offers, they may discourage the owner from accepting them by suggesting that individuals will not be in the good position to acquire. An investigation by one journalist found that of six offers built to estate agents, only two were passed on to sellers. http://www.conerney.ie