A Mighty New Patch For Shovel Knight Is On The Way

Shovel Knight Plague associated with ShadowsIrons out a new quantity of kinks

Following the actual current discharge of your totally free Shovel Knight expansion, Plague regarding Shadows, Yacht Club games offers issued a patch ironing out a couple of kinks, as well as further enhancing the general experience.

While the actual update can be currently only designed for PC users, it will be rolled out across additional platforms really soon.

Take a glance down below with complete list of changes produced to be able to version 2.01 in the Wii U as well as 3DS iteration, and also although you wait for your update to arrive, allow us to realize within the comments how youre progressing with just about all the latest Plague regarding Shadows expansion.


Plague Knight Campaign

Black Knight now often spawns. Also if another wandering encounter ended up being formerly occupying his map node.Old Shovel Knight profiles saved before clearing the particular Flying Device are usually no longer stuck upon which node.Fixed minor text problems in various languages.Treasure Knights anchor will zero longer travels through walls in certain edge cases.Treasure Knights chest may will simply no longer always be broken simply by certain unique attacks.Clearing to the Explodatorium final (out in the three possible Tier 2 stages) no longer skips your Potionarium cutscene (and so it is no more possible to miss the particular wellness upgrade).Item conclusion totals must now add as significantly as 100%.Spending almost all Cipher Coins will zero longer removes Cipher Coin collection information in the Inventorys Gear Tab.Cipher Coin count is currently accurate when checking stock inside the Plains associated with Passage.Binding a pair of separate attack buttons will simply no longer permits Plague Knight to throw bombs although bomb charging.Equipping your Ward Robe and ultizing Berserkers Brew Arcana no longer cause unintended knockback.Using Vat Arcana on the identical frame as falling through downward screen transition no more brings about Plague Knight to hang inside place.Title screen codes can now always be activated with the menus arrow keys additionally to the bound in-game directions.End credits characters most appear before the houses.Dying although additionally defeating The Particular Enchantress no longer causes a non-progression.Fast cheat now doesnt operate anyone past Armory cutscene.Cheating the right path for you to obvious the 2nd Black Knight nonetheless brings about Percy showing up in the Potionarium..Always grooving cheat will zero longer breaks particular cutscenes.