It took skill

Overall winnersCongratulations to the following winners for your impressive efforts throughout the course of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Want to see what our various winners will receive? View the full prizes page for McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy.Grand Prize winner: Frip692nd place: CONDEY3rd place: JimmyRussell4th place: Leisurelauri5th place: 'HseyirP'6th place: kingdot7th place: Lub_Uzasa8th place: tiago10win9th place: Jebus.Saves10th place: BuzissaRound winnersEach round of McDonald's FIFA World Cup Fantasy offered up prizes for the top three performing managers for the round Fifa 16 Coins.

It took skill, risk and a little luck for these fantasy managers. Congratulations to the round prize winners.Round 1winner: Alexandria172nd place: AngellMoyano3rd place: dobletacoRound 2winner: amine1milan2nd place: rtrujillo3rd place: politika1Round 3winner: alexlang2nd place: guiyermo3rd place: Junior100Round 4winner: solecra2nd place: choumes3rd place: SeBeKeuRound 5winner: pragnya112nd place: kchuang3rd place: jonathan.

BreRound 6winner: MSmolinski2nd place: Hinspuppy3rd place: xavieooRound 7winner: Zay4atinka2nd place: RSN18693rd place: FutboleyBCNIn accordance with the rules, FIFA conducted tie-breaking draws for any fantasy managers that finished level on points on the overall or round leaderboards Fifa 16 PS4 Coins.