The Dash highs in Spain's capital on the occasion

The Dash highs in Spain's capital on the occasion, actual The town have began rebuilding. Florentino currently are in urgent need of solving the issue of the seven, between cristiano ronaldo and gong, florentino is likely to be compelled to make choices.1.Coach: in carlo ancelotti after the category, actual The town must finalise new trainer as soon as possible. Benitez is red root seedlings are a person, but lately to Fifa 16 Coins absence take headline, whether the town to the dressing room is also a question mark.

2 .Kathy: at actual The town is going to buy DE gea, Kathy still firmly committed to remain at the bernabeu. If Kathy abruptly axed next season, florentino vested to charge due to breach of agreement, and ready to respond to public pressure.3. DE gea: perez wanted to DE gea, but DE gea would you like to live like diego lopez?4. Cristiano ronaldo: so-called to carlo ancelotti, and cristiano ronaldo, now still silence. Colonial reviewing capability is still the top, but the other capability is significantly degraded. If you proceed with cristiano ronaldo as the primary, actual The town can still make progress?5. Cleaning: o khedira, WeiLuoYa, silva's, Lucas, little peas and others, are virtually certain to keep the bernabeu, eritrea's highly respected, Joe, Hector connect and others later on was uncertain.

6. Bill: if ronaldo remain, gong still willing to keep work for him? If cristiano ronaldo to keep, can keep in the middle to perform?7. Ramos: on the message, ramos has progressively become a glass. Outside the ground, his agreement talks have also been shelved. Ramos for 10 thousand dollars annual wage after tax, actual The town offer only 7 thousand dollars.Discount rule to Buy more Fifa 16 PS4 Coins to