Mari Sandoz's Native Nebraska: The Plains Indian Country.

Mari Sandoz's Native Nebraska: The Plains Indian Country byLaVerne Harrell Clark. Published by Arcadia, Mount Pleasant, SC. 128pp,paper edition, 2000, $19.99.

Mari Sandoz was a prolific chronicler of western plains life (see article in this issue by book's author). Her best known work is Crazy Horse: The Strange Man of the Oglalas (Alfred Knopf, 1942). This work is regarded by many historians as the definitive work on Crazy Horse because of Sandoz's use of personal interviews with those who knew him.

In Mari Sandoz's Native Nebaska, Clark commenorates Sandoz's life with a photographic treat of over 200 photos filling all the pages of the book documenting Sandoz's life and works. Many of the photos by LaVerne Harrell Clark show the people and places in Sandoz's life. Historical 19th century photos highlight Mari's early childhood.

This is truly the definitive biography on Mari Sandoz.

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Folsom, LA

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