Requirements for buying a toy

We have various demands when we buy a product for our daily use, especially for the kid’s stuff. Now toys become an essential part for kids and we will buy various toys from toys manufacturer in China for our children. Now there are some requirements for buying a toy.


For infants, the general requirements of toys should be non-toxic, no spikes liqueur, colorful, sweet voice, and good size (to prevent swallowing). Age under 1 of baby toys in addition to colorful pendant, there should be sound and should facilitate and suck. So I think toy car from remote control toys supplier is a nice product. After the age of 1, children's toys should be easy to grip, drop; including the size, number, inside and outside, color, shape, dimensions, etc., to facilitate the child arranges correspondence, classification and other activities. You will find, in fact, a lot of things at home are the implication of these factors, can allow children to play fill.


Finally, toy in China novelty toys wholesale online is just a game tooling not a means to play with the child. Parents and children play together should be more efforts to develop the function of toys.