How to Replace Your Idler Arm

How to Replace Your Idler Arm Idler Arms and Pitman Arms are part of your steering system that links your steering box to the center link autel ms905,and then on to the hub assemblies. The Pitman Arm,also known as the "steering arm," is the main player while the idler arm supports the other side and allows the proper movement to take place when you turn the wheel. If your steering has gotten sloppy they may need replacement.Now comes the fun part. Separating the idler arm and the center link can be a real pain. You should use a Pitman puller,but some pitman pullers don't fit on the idler so you're forced to muscle it off with a pickle fork. Trim some metal off of the inside of your Pitman puller and you can use it to remove the idler. Pause,and then Reinstall the Idler Arm If you're going to replace the Pitman arm do it now before you reinstall the idler. With the idler removed the center link will drop down allowing you to pull the Pitman arm out. Once you do it you will see what I mean. If the new Pitman is in or you're not doing that job today,go ahead and finish up the idler arm: Prepare a new cotter pin to match the one you removed by trimming it with the diagonal pliers so that both the long and short end matches the pin you removed autel ms908p. Place the idler arm's bolt in the center link. Insert the new bolts through the frame making sure to put the new washers under the bolt heads. Position the idler arm so the frame bolts slide through the bolt holes. Install the washers and the nuts. Torque to your car's specs. Install the large nut on the idler arm center link bolt. Tighten to spec taking care to line up the cotter pin holes. Always tighten to align the holes,never go backwards! Install the new cotter pin,grease the arm and you are finished.
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