S&A chiller CW-7500 for 400W Coherent RF tube

A few days ago, we get the feedback from an Australia customer who is satisfied with the stable cooling performance and water flow of S&A chiller CW-7500 after testing for a month.
A month ago, the Australia customer was interested in purchasing S&A water chiller to cool 400W Coherent RF tube.
The basic requirements as below:
The chiller should be just single loop, but Australia power source is 415V/3-phase/50Hz, and the environmental temperature in summer there can be up to 45 C. The chiller will be used almost 7/24.
As it is the first time to cooperation with S&A chiller, the customer is very worried about the cooling capacity of chiller degradation over time.
Honestly speaking, S&A chiller completely satisfy the cooling demand. The degradation will be less and less when it is used in good working conditions (clean and good ventilation)
Thanks for the trust from customer.

Chiller CW-7500 details: http://www.teyuchiller.com/Products/ChillerCW750014KWcoo.html

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