Diesel Announces Release of luxury watches

Diesel Announces Release of luxury watches

A new line of limited edition Diesel watches outlet to be released by diesel from India following the success of the business has seen in recent times.

The manufacturer has announced the release of the Ananta range, with diesel watching India president Susumu Kawanishi explaining the designs are inspired by the craftsmanship of the Japanese katana swords.

Made of bent metal, they are designed to be pulled out of the sheath, and used in a single movement.

"With the launch of Ananta, we want to reinforce our commitment to providing cutting edge technology watches," Mr. Kawanishi added.

In addition to releasing the new Men's Diesel watches, the company also has plans to expand across the country, the opening of an additional diesel boutique at the 250 stores that are already actively involved.

Choosing a design, such as diesel, which they argued are electronic timepieces are good for people who want a reliable device.