Man Bag Monday: Yep, Replica Saint Laurent Makes Man Replica Bags, Too

Considering the beloved menswear collections that replica tag heuer carrera watch Hedi Slimane created as the head of Dior Homme, it’s perhaps no surprise that his men’s clothes at breitling navitimer watch replica Replica Saint Laurent feel like they’ve found their groove more quickly than his womenswear. That’s where his experience lies, after all, and Slimane’s rock star aesthetic lends itself well to dressing cooler-than-thou dudes with narrow hips, who make up much of the premiere designer menswear audience in the first place. Even those dudes have to schlep things around occasionally, the necessity of which brings us the Replica Saint Laurent Roc Sack Backpack.

Beyond the cute play on “rucksack, ” the fake omega seamaster watches bag is approximately what one might expect. Black leather, silver hardware, traditional shape – Slimane’s never shown an inclination to reinvent the wheel, and he’s certainly not doing that here. The leather does look rather thick and sumptuous, though, and it’s without doubt that any number of Slimane acolytes, male and female alike, will be seen slinging this bag over their already leather-clad shoulders come fall. If there’s anything I can appreciate from the aesthetic changes that he’s brought to Replica Saint Laurent, it’s the tendency to use a lot of black leather.

For a men’s bag, the price of this backpack – $2, 995 via – is a bit high, but in a way, I appreciate that a brand is pricing its replica bags marketed toward men the same way that it prices the replica bags intended for female consumers. Usually, we get the raw end of the deal.