Notes from Webhosting Day 2007 Webhosting Day, as you are possibly aware, ended last week. Valentino Rockstud Pumps But the thoughts continue. Particularly those that have yet to be written and published.

One of the most impactful presentations of the first day of the deceptively twoday event was the keynote by Serguei Beloussov, SWsoft CEO. I tend to watch presentations by Serguei, and a few others in positions similar to his, with one eye on the content of the presentation, and one eye on the context. I find that considering, alongside the message, what the motivation behind that particular message might be can Valentino Slingback Pumps Sale lead to interesting revelations about the business. Or somtimes more questions.

In this case, it Valentino Studded Sandals was right in the title: 2010 OPEN FUSION as a Platform for the Success of Hosting Businesses. Like quite a few of the presentations at Webhosting Day, the keynote was more than a little bit of a sales pitch for SWsoft Open Fusion (arguably enough to make it worth watching for the hosts in attendance. That not really my point).

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The basic premise was that by the year 2010, SaaS isn going to be Valentino UK a choice that software vendors or hosting providers make, or a philosophy into which they buy. It will just be the way things are. Delivering hosted applications will simply be the job of a host. Certainly not an outrageous claim, in my opinion.

In SWsoft world, application hosting is made profitable venture by automating, virtualizing and standardizing the infrastructure behind those applications. And, of course, SWsoft happens to have some solutions for automation and virtualization, and a platform for standardization, that you might want to look into.

Making the case for SaaS is an obvious objective for SWsoft. Its products are designed with the delivery of Valentino Sneakers Sale hosted applications in mind. And a host could certainly do worse than to build its platform for application hosting out of SWsoft parts.