Tips for collecting bag

When you use bag, you may don’t think about the collection of a bag. However, if it is in the collection season, how to better collection of handbags we buy from wholesale supplier of bag in China? Now there are some tips you can learn from my essay and I hope this would give you help.


First, when we collect, leather is best to hang with a coat hanger in the closet, but do not hang together with other woolen cloth, chemical fiber clothing, spaced from the available cotton. Leather purses on the box to be, should flat, and not folded. This way is good for the collection of China high-grade canvas printing bag because the fold for a long time, it is difficult to trace the wrinkles recede. In the box should not put mothballs or chemical pest control agents, so as not to cause a chemical reaction and discolored leather surface.


Of course, if you buy a special bag from China traditional embroidery bags wholesale, you can use the similar collection way to collect your favorite bags from damage.