Methods For Using Window Mounted Bird Feeders

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There is something almost magical about having the capability to watch birds feed right outside your window. Window mounted bird feeders bring the action close up in order to see amazing detail in the birds that frequent your feeder. Having the capability to make out of the tiny details inside the feathers of any cardinal or the brightly colored beak of the American Goldfinch is just about as close to nature since you can get.

By using these bird feeders, however, requires some kind of special precautions. Unlike traditional bird feeders that are typically located outside where it can be hard for predators to get into them, window mounted feeders are typically much even closer shrubs, windowsills or ledges that predators could use to reach the birds.

When utilizing one of these brilliant feeders, you have to be sure that it must be mounted out from harm's way. Which may mean cutting back branches on trees or shrubs, or finding methods to discourage cats or any other predators from jumping on ledges where they may make it to the birds.

Another danger associated with these feeders is the fact that birds sometimes fly into the windows that they are attached to. It is possible to help minimize this risk by putting special ultraviolet decals in the window. These decals can barely be seen by humans, but show up clearly to birds, alerting them that there is a pane of glass there.

When choosing your feeder, consider looking for one who is manufactured out of clear acrylic. This not simply causes it to be unobtrusive, and also lets you start to see the birds through the feeder so you can still watch them even should they be on the opposite side.

You additionally may choose to look into using a platform feeder simply because they often provide the best possible take a look at the birds. As you might guess, these feeders are essentially long platforms in which the birds can feed in plain view of the window, so that it is very easy to keep an eye on your chosen birds as they feed.

Whichever feeder you purchase, be sure that it comes with sturdy suction cups to support it about the window. The final things you want is for the feeder to fall to the floor since the suction cups gave way. You can also help be sure that the suction cups stay in place by thoroughly cleaning the window and also the suction cups prior to deciding to mount the feeder. Even a tiny bit of dust or dirt can prevent a great seal from forming, putting the bird feeder at risk of falling.

Using window mounted bird feeders is a great approach to enjoy the best thing about natural world. These feeders let you draw birds in close to your house where you may observe them in detail. There is nothing as relaxing as spending a few hours kicked back on the sofa watching a wide array of birds sneak bits of food from your feeder. You will never know which little visitors you might have, which is what makes bird watching so much fun.