Learn about What to Check after Every Marketo Login

It is important to ensure that the wheels of your truck are inflated before driving, so have you been examining it? How about the fuel gauge or the oil level? It is highly recommended to check the vehicle before driving your car, but a lot of people don’t do this.

Regular assessments are performed by people who previously experienced having a flat tire or overheated engine. An expert driver is more careful as compared to those who are just learning how to drive.

Marketo is no different. Professionals realize what exactly the outcomes are in case the system does not work properly that is why they constantly perform a quick check every after Marketo login.

There is a checklist which is used by every pro Marketo user after a Marketo login, and that will be discussed below.

marketo user login

See if there is any issue with the Marketo Munchkin tracking

Marketo Munchkin tracking is much like the front lights of an automobile. Without one, Marketo can't 'see'. If your Marketo Munchkin code is not working, triggers won’t work, which means nearly all campaigns will be unsuccessful. Also, valuable analytics data are not being collected.

Of course, you ought to have a regular health inspection to be sure your Munchkin code hasn't been unintentionally taken out of your website, but this isn't enough.

The headlights of your vehicle might not have a single scratch, but to presume that it will work effectively would be unwise. You have to turn them on to be sure.

Find out if CRM Sync is active

The gas tank of Marketo is the CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamics, etc) sync that's the reason why it is essential to inspect it as you would with the fuel gauge of your car. In case the sync is not functioning, you run the risk of duplicate leads, data being overwritten and campaigns not working properly.

Have a look at the campaign queue after Marketo login

The significance of Marketo campaign queue is comparable to the oil in an automotive vehicle. It is not something you really think to inspect (and may not be instantaneously noticeable as a cause of issue) but it could cause serious issues!

The campaign queue is the place to check to avoid your Marketo from getting overloaded. The primary thing to search for is too many triggers working at once. Problems such as delayed trigger launching, and a variety of other issues that are difficult to diagnose could arise.

Check Notifications
If there are any problems that you should inspect, that would be indicated in the Notifications tab in Marketo.

Campaign failure, CRM sync, and other things that need your attention is all shown in the notification. Subscribing to these alerts would be useful if you are a new Marketo user.

Take a look at personal time zone and Marketo time zone

If you are using a variety of Marketo logins or have several Marketo instances, then this check is vital. It's like adjusting the seat and the mirrors; you should do it when you're driving somebody else's vehicle, or the very first time you drive yours.

I include this one as it gets me each and every time. As you are looking at the incorrect time zone, you end up imaging problems. This could have been avoided if you did not ignore this check.

It is highly recommended to see if your instance time zone matches your personal time zone.

After your next Marketo login, be sure to utilize this checklist. It will prevent many potential problems and save a lot of problems. Do not hesitate to call us if there are other really important checks that we didn't add here.

Marketo features a developer platform and an open API to support LaunchPoint partners. For more information visit http://www.product.hooshmarketing.com.au.