Wool and cashmere

Maybe there are many cashmere sweaters, cashmere scarves and cashmere overcoat in your wardrobe, but do you know what the cashmere is?

Cashmere is also called Kashmir, China is the largest country in the world that producing cashmere, it mainly distributed in inner Mongolian. The colder the area, the fineness and softer the goat cashmere, cashmere grows in the root of the goat coarse wool, and it just can be gathered at the beginning of the spring, and we need use special iron comb like combing your hair when collecting, and we can just collect dozens of grams from one goat, the annual output just occupy the 0.2% of the world animal fiber, so cashmere is so precious.

Sheep mainly grows in Australia, collecting wool like haircut that just cut them all. We can get kilograms from one sheep every year. But even fineness and soft wool cannot be called cashmere, nowadays sheep cashmere comes to the market, this is wrong as sheep does not produce cashmere.

We can see the difference from microscope: cashmere diameter is between 14um and 16um, it is much fineness than wool; wool’s scale is pointed but cashmere’s scale is round and cashmere does not have medulla. Cashmere is warmer and soft than wool, if it is a light draped, it will recover plain after hanging one night, and cashmere product will not shrink after washing.

Almost all the international high end brand raw material comes from China, Consinee has their own cashmere base in Inner Mongolian, and they bring in Italy advanced automatic product line and choose superior raw material to spun the yarn. It also cooperate with many first class brand .Consinee is orientated to be the world luxury leader supplier, they are praised by the yarn area according to the high quality yarn and exquisite craft. Please register in cashmere-yarn.com for more information.