ThisBakrid, Find Your Needed Grocery @ Spice n Pulses on Discounts

ThisBakrid, Find Your Needed Grocery @ Spice n Pulses on Discounts

The time of festivity comes to make and share joy and goodwill that you can best do by preparing and serving desserts to the coming guests, this Bakrid. And, for your grocery needs, you better place your orders at Spice n Pulses - online grocery store in Gurgaon.

The festival of Bakrid comes with a not-to-be-missed chance to taste your guests some highly delicious desserts - off course, at the end of the main meal. As the listed dessert recipes are from different countries so will surely add variety of tasty flavors to your Bakrid special desserts. In this, spice n pulses is an online grocery store in Gurgaon to fulfill your grocery needs in short time and even on discounted price.

So let’s unwrap the secrets behind the makings of:


The dessert is from Turkey but is loved to eat at the different places around the world. You may be thinking what it is – a sweet pastry, yes it is, filled with layers of dough with honey, sugar syrup and chopped nuts.   


The dessert comes from Middle-East where it is way too popular. A sweet pastry with filling of dried figs, almonds, walnuts, dates, pistachios and other nuts – Ma’amoul looks like flat cookies or dome shaped.


A traditional dessert from Pakistan and is also spelled as Sohan Halva. For this, first make a mix of water, milk, sugar, cornflour and ghee. Next is boil the mix and keep stirring to get it hardened. Later, add dried nuts and saffron for flavor and serve. 


People also say it Knafeh or Kunafahin the Arabic countries where the dessert comes from. This sweet dish is prepared with thinly shredded phyllo dough or vermicelli like pastry.


Yes traditional sweet it is. Ingredients of refined flour and shaped small doughnuts are used in making this sweet dish. After deep fried in butter or ghee, the mix is then dipped in sugar syrup to complete the making of delicious Balushahis.


Also named as Janngiri, this sweet dish is made with Urad Dal or Black Gram as the main ingredient by deep frying it. Similar in shape to funnel cakes popular at US carnivals, it tastes great.


A pancake look alike sweet dessert from Middle-East, Katayef is made with dried nuts and goat cheese, as a choice. At the festival of Bakrid, it is largely consumed at different parts of world.


A traditional and much popular Eid&Bakrid dessert it is. Made with fine vermicelli and dried fruits boiling in milk. Also, you can add dried fruits after boiling.

These desserts will add more taste and flavor to the meals and a sweet flavor to the occasion of Bakrid… I know you know it.


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