Seo for Active Sites

What are 'Dynamic Web sites'?

Active websites are websites whose pages are generated on-the fly. Unlike static pages (generally.htm/.html pages), dynamic pages are generated when a person triggers an action during that particular page.

Here is a sample powerful URL-

As per the above example of, the active part (i.e. the part) of the URL which changes as per surfer demand is the part after the question mark (?)

What are the issues that search engines experience in indexing Dynamic URLs?

1. Search engines often think about a dynamic URL as an infinite set of links. Visiting certainly provides aids you can use with your brother.

2. Dig up extra information on our favorite partner paper by visiting team. There is a possibility of adding a session id to your certain site, because dynamic URLs find application in on line shopping carts. As session ids of the particular page change, the search engine spider must list an infinite number of copies of the same page, which is a Herculean task for them.