The Best MBOX to PST Converter Free Trial Version – Mailbox to PST Export Tool

If you have been groping around to find a good free tool in order to convert MBOX to PST free then you should stop now. Digital Tweaks offers one of the best MBOX to PST converter free demo versions to help you choose nothing but the best. If you are wondering what is so good about it then read this:


Impressive features of DT MBOX to PST Converter free version:


1.      Easy to use:

This tool is absolutely easy to use. Installation process is quick and simple. You just need to follow a few simple instructions and you conversion is done.

2.      Saves time:

The process of installation as well as conversion is quick. All it takes is a few minutes.

3.      It is just a miniscule of the full version:

This free converter offers all the features of its full version so that you can experience a real-time conversion. It enables you to convert MBOX to PST free for 10 email, contacts and calendar entries.

4.      Unicode feature:

It offers Unicode, which means you will never miss converting any character, whether single-byte, double-byte or special character.

5.      Compatibility:

The compatibility that it offers will be with both the platforms – Mac as well as Windows Outlook. Any cross platform converter should possess this feature.

6.      Custom transfer:

There is ease of choosing the folders of Apple Mail that you wish to transfer. The rest can be just left behind. You need not transfer the entire mail. The discretion is entirely up to you.


And what is more that Digital Tweaks offers? You may or may not buy the tool. That is understood. But if you do and the tool falls short of its claims, your money shall be returned within 30 days of purchase – without any questions.