Firefighters & Law Enforcement in Broward or Palm Beach County


If you would like to remove your property from public records below is a link that will give you directions. It's important to keep your information confidential.


Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes governs public records law. Not all records are required to be “in the sunshine.” The Florida Legislature has created many exemptions to public records law. If you qualify under these exemptions, you can request that certain information be redacted from the public records available on this website.

A fictitious name: This name can be a spouse’s maiden name or any other name that the post office will recognize to deliver important documents. Please provide a copy of your law enforcement credentials (if applicable, or other supporting documentation, for other eligible professionals) along with your Supervisor’s signature. Your supervisor must sign in the shaded area. Active Firefighter certified pursuant to FL Stat. 633.408, and/or their spouse or child. Below is a link which has all the information needed to help you keep your information confidential.


Broward County Link :

Palm Beach link



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