All You Need To Learn About Email Deliverability

Forging an email is very easy, and you may have had a first-hand experience of such treachery in case you already got an email that says it's from your respected bank, PayPal or any company you do business with, but actually came from somebody else.

Given that emails are sent routinely by the email and marketing automation software program utilized by your company, these emails will be flagged as ‘forged’ and will be transferred directly to the junk folder if the setup isn't right.

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Two strategies to ‘check’ emails are SPF and DKIM, which are authentication techniques.

In what way will DKIM and SPF work?

Imagine receiving a letter requesting you to make a donation to a specific charitable institution, which also says that it is your current bank that mailed it. The letter looks like a product of forgery that is why you decided to confirm its reliability by calling the bank. The bank proven your suspicion that it really was a forgery so you thrown away the letter.

The SPF and DKIM also operate that way. The email host (Gmail or Yahoo) will get in touch with the site of your company so as to make some verification by asking:

‘Is ExactTarget/Marketo/Responsis allowed to send emails on your behalf?’

If you don’t have DKIM & SPF set up properly, then your website will invariably answer NO! and that email will be transferred to the junk folder.

The set up of the DKIM and SPF is the obligation of your email marketing or marketing automation software installer. Nonetheless, this must have been set up but was deleted or damaged.

Understanding if the settings of your DKIM and SPF is correct

Except if you are particularly IT savvy, it’s best to get your network administrator or IT to check your SPF or DKIM records. Or you could ask the aid of your email provider support center.

Do as instructed below if you really are resolute on performing it on your own:

How you can Check your SPF Record

a. Just go to
b. Type in your e-mail domain
• E.g. ‘’ if your e-mail is [email protected]
c. Click on ‘SPF Record Lookup’
d. Look for a row which has a record starting with ‘v=spf …’
• E.g. ‘v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ?all’
e. Look within this record for the following configuration settings according to your email or marketing automation software.

Email or Marketing Automation Software What to look for in the SPF Record

Hubspot - doesn’t support SPF
ExactTarget -
Constant Contact -
Mailchimp -
iContact -
Marketo - se the Marketo Health-checker to check email deliverability
Pardot -

If you discover the text listed, more than likely it’s setup correctly.

The Means To Check Your DKIM Records

DKIM records tend to be harder to check and many are not publicly available. The easiest way to check would be to contact your email provider. A few firms have an online tool to authenticate email deliverability for their platform, like Marketo.

At this point, you already obtained a better comprehension why email deliverability and DKIM and SPF are important.

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