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Take a peek in a variety of the 'America's Subsequent Best Model' contestants as dolls.

Tyra Banks (Photo : Aaron Epstein/The CW)

The subsequent episode associated with America's Subsequent top ModelCycle 22 will hit TV screens tonight, Sept. 23.

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The photo shoot on this episode drew inspiration coming from a show Tyra Banks starred within back again in 2000 alongside any young Lindsay Lohan.

Yep, that's right, Life-Size is becoming brought to America's next Leading Modelsince the remaining contestants will embody life-sized dolls like Banks when did.

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Mikey, Nyle, Justin, Bello, Devin, Lacey, Hadassah, Courtney and also Mam will each along with every have got their extremely own doll theme.

The CW Television Network's YouTube channel gave an inside take a look at the actual episode in Tuesday, that cane be slix observed below.

"The models tend to be life-size models regarding their extremely own doll," Banks shared, adding, "The boys and the girls had to understand how anyone can appear dead alive."

She even revealed a variety of the themes with regard to all of them.

"We had actually crazy themes such as Boom Boom Bon Voyage and Savage Smize doll as well as Fierce Fashionista," Banks explained, adding, "It ended up being a large challenge pertaining to them."

Below you'll be in a new position to have a peek with Nyle, Hadassah along with Justin in their doll forms.

Nyle took about the theme regarding Boom Boom Bon Voyage, in which he was in swimwear.

(Photo : Aaron Epstein/The CW)

Hadassah as being a doll embodies the particular theme associated with FlawSome Totally Free Spirit, which can be basically her as a flower child.

(Photo : Erik Asla/Pottle Productions Inc.)

Justin's smoothness had been upon display in doll form while he personified Booch N' Baller.

(Photo : Erik Asla/Pottle Productions Inc.)

Make sure to watch the particular models consider in this photo girls swimwear shoot since it appears as though a few will struggle big-time considering Yu Tsai quips at the finish of your video, "I hope you're here subsequent week."

America's Subsequent top Model Cycle 22 airs about Wednesdays at eight p.m. ET on Your CW.