Runescape: Treasure Hunter - Loss of life Lotus Coaching

How to Start off

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Open the Treasure Hunter interface and - after you shut it again - you may receive a Dying Lotus scroll. Open up it to discover details of sixteen deadly deeds - organized with a four-by-four grid. These increase in difficulty with just about every row - from uncomplicated jobs (the very best row) such as killing ten enemies with throwing knives as many as elite feats for example defeating Araxxi, Nex or the Kalphite King.


Observe down the Dying Lotus master at a variety of places round the environment to have two stamps - each individual of which often can be accustomed to auto-complete a endeavor. You are able to make this happen the moment for each completion of your scroll. Watch out for more stamps on Treasure Hunter, way too.




Total rows to receive prizes like prismatic stars, prismatic lamps and dollars baggage. Replenish columns to unlock parts of the beauty Death Lotus assassin outfit.


Finishing your entire scroll will unlock a wonderful weapon override. Do this nearly four instances to unlock the sai, acid bomb, glaive and dragon employees.


You can expect to get new colours for the beauty outfit the next, 3rd and fourth time you comprehensive the card.


Lastly, on finishing the scroll four occasions, you are going to also have a Meditation relaxation animation token, which could be utilized to find out the animation, or traded. You could also get these like a exceptional prize on Treasure Hunter.

Get pleasure from!


Unlock the secrets in the Dying Lotus this 7 days - they'll never ever see you coming. Have some fun, and become confident to give us your comments.


The RuneScape Crew


Exactly what is Treasure Hunter?


Treasure Hunter is often a minigame - playable from within RuneScape - the place gamers use Keys to claim in-game things as prizes. These range from useful sources to scarce weapons and special equipment.

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Playing Treasure Hunter is easy - click the treasure upper body icon that pops up any time you log in. If you have not performed in advance of, just stick to the on-screen guidebook.


Anyone will get no less than 1 Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You may earn much more Keys when actively playing the sport, or refill by redeeming Bonds.


If you would like more, you are able to also obtain Keys about the web site, or by clicking 'Buy Keys' within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.