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Law enforcement e-mails highlight entrenched camps in Tor debate - Yahoo News

By Joshua Eaton 2 hours ago Content preferences Done At a public hearing last week , city officials in Lebanon, N.H., voted to restart a server in their public library that is part of the Tor anonymous Web browser. The decisions came in response to a flood of support from privacy advocates and civil libertarians after officials temporarily shut that server down . E-mails obtained by the New Hampshire American Civil Liberties Union and shared with Passcode highlight the entrenched camps in the debate:law west palm beach enforcement, who often deal with the worst-case scenarios of anonymity technology such as child pornography and privacy advocates, who encounter some of its best uses political freedom and avoiding surveillance. The Lebanon Tor relay (which helps expand the Tor network) is the first in a partnership between Tor and the Library Freedom Project, which encourages public libraries to provide their users with access to privacy software. When Ars Technica announced the relays launch in late July, it caught the attention of a special agent at the Boston field office of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) a component of Immigration and Customs Enforcement that investigates, among other things, online child pornography. Recommended: Passcode Scaling the firewall: Ways around government censorship online (+video) Just terrific ...that kid seems to be thinking just an inch past the end of her nose, the special agent wrote (including the ellipses) in an e-mail to a colleague at the Portsmouth, N.H., Police Department who heads up the states Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The e-mailalso included a link to the Ars Technica article. The Portsmouth officer forwarded HSIs e-mail to an officer in Lebanon, saying only, This could be a problem. That officer then contacted another police officer and requested a meeting with local library officials, according to a Sept. 11 memo. Agents in Bostons HSI office work with images of child sex abuse to track down victims and perpetrators, according to a 2012 Boston Globe profile . The anonymity and encryption provided by Tor can make that task more difficult by obscuring child pornographers online addresses and physical locations.

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