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A brand new mobile application that uses realtime facial-recognition technology has become available for for pet-owners throughout Broward County to help identify their lost puppies. To fight the heartbreak of shedding a furry relative, Pawscout released another-era electronic pet finder and label (the Pawscout Dog Finder) that combines a-mobile application and a global community of animal lovers that interact to keep pets safe. There is a family puppy dropped every eight seconds - meaning that 10 million pets are shed each year1. One-out of three animals is lost during its lifetime, and just one in 10 pets is delivered to its family. To fight the heartache of shedding a fuzzy relative, Pawscout developed the following- creation dog tag and hunter - the Dog Finder - that offers a lifetime of security to get a one-time price of $29.95.

The Dog Person has a retail price of $29.95, needs no monthly costs and it is made to substitute the traditional steel-engraved dog tag. Pawscout retailers expanded recognition info, in a online dog report that can be accessed by anyone with the Pawscout mobile app that is free, including health data. Everyone who sees a Pawscout pet can have all of the info to come back the lost pet to its proprietor and care for the pet based on behavioral, its wellness needs until the gathering takes place.

Thus for this monitor the cost for your tracker is all that's necessary to buy the machine. Tagg Dog GPS Plus is really a pet locator and an activity system and oxygen heat warning, which helps Find Dogs your furry friend's health is monitored by you. The locator Characteristics with GPS technology together with pc or any telephone with SMS potential, as it messages you by mail or wording and allows you to find your pet on the place.

Pawscout was started using the mission to reunite animals that were lost using their families.  in 2014 What if a method is to keep track of your pet's whereabouts at all times, wherever they roam.Thanks into a smart mixture of mobile wireless and GPS technologies present in the Global Pet Person, it really is now a reality.

There is a household dog dropped every eight moments — meaning that 10-million animals are shed each year1. One-out of three animals is lost during its lifetime, and only one in 10 pets is returned to its family. To fight the heartache of losing a furry member of the family, Pawscout created the following- creation dog draw and — the Dog Person — that gives a lifetime of security for a one time price. Components and the Pet Person are available online at over a first- come - .