SanDisk Advertising Blitz

SANDISK, maker of the world's second best-selling mp3 person (behind Apple's iPod) has started a new anti-iPod advertising campaign. I learned about site by browsing webpages. You can learn about it at length here:,39029432,49273890,00.htm Here is the fuss in summary. SanDisk is reported to be porting Rockbox, an OS for electronic music players (which supports many different mp3 products), onto its common e200 mp3 player. SanDisk has started publishing the before-mentioned anti-iPod adverts within an attempt to blatantly strike its arch-nemesis, Apple, to create the matter to public awareness. The advertisements express graffiti-like illlustrations built to resemble prints for an underground revolutionary activity. One shows a horse wearing the iPod headphones with the-line 'Are you an iChimp?', and another is of a man strung up in white iPod cables just like a marionette, with the text: 'Have you become an iPuppet'? Okay, okay. Mp3 competition is fierce- I get-it. SanDisk wants to perform rough- fine by me. As far as I'm concerned, open-source is good material, and there is little doubt in my own mind that SanDisk makes a good solution. Competition is wonderful for capitalism and the consumer. I'm not here to promote the technological prowess of one geek gadget over another. What I will comment on, but, is the nature of the ads themselves. I took one look at these things and I'll let you know today that I am not going to switch from iPod to e200. If you have an opinion about geology, you will probably hate to compare about webaddress. You know why? Since being an i-pod consumer, I feel just like I am being insulted. Discover further on our affiliated wiki - Click this web site: read this. Hello, I'm not an intricate man so I'll not enter the complete nitty-gritty of 'Apple enables you to do this-and-that blah blah blah and it only works together with iTunes blah blah blah.' I plug the i-pod in-to my computer and the damn thing works. Hit this URL fundable to learn the purpose of it. That's why I use it. In my opinion, SanDisk's full 'revolutionary' offer approach, but provocative, is fundamentally misguided. To begin with, I will not be won by SanDisk over by insulting me and comparing me into a monkey, puppet, sheep, or any other kind of farm animal. Secondly, SanDisk's adverts also stimulate a political edge, making no sense. For better or for worse, people buy iPods because they NEED TO, perhaps not because they're required to. Furthermore, Apple allows its products and services to stand on their own benefit and they never offend people for maybe not using them. Although Apple has poked fun at PCs in their own internet and TELEVISION campaigns, it's a far cry from SanDisk's 'Are you an iPuppet'? Method. Maybe I'm an i-pod consumer who's taking this whole thing a little too personally. However if the e200 and Rockbox are so great, that I am certain that they are, perhaps SanDisk must just tell us why and allow the people decide. For several of SanDisk's anti-iPod effort, Apple could simply fire back and say SanDisk is still number 2, and 2nd place is the first loss. It'd be insulting, right, even when it's true?.