Windows Mobile App

With Kik Messenger for you messages to selected contacts. Much like WhatsApp the app uses the data connection from the cellphone for you and triggers instead of SMS messages no additional costs.

Now, You Can Have longer conversations whole time and the app (Conversations, included!) Will certainly load faster. So We've upgraded laptop keyboards for typing smoother. We've taken steps to additionally improve the general WP7 experience and gratification .

Show Status: The APP will certainly notify you car advertisement has currently been delivered ( suggested by the letter D with a check mark) or been read (R over a check mark). Advertisements might also be sent out while the recipient is offline.

- Instant alerts teach you When a message is Sent, Delivered, Read

Relatively difficult account production: Compared with the direct means of producing a free account provided by most mobile couriers, procedure orientation of the app appears to the old-fashioned and required a username, display name and password. If you have become knowledgeable about recognition code and reach number-based account production, you can see process sign-up this app rather laborious, in specific when all the usernames you are trying to make use of, are really taken.

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