Atlanta Police Arrest Woman Just For Threatening To Kill Cops And White People


If theres one thing Ive learned in my time on the Internet, its that you can make threats against police officers and white people as much as you want, as long as you do it on YouTube. Then it doesnt count. The pigs cant touch you.

Thats why I know this bull$#!+ will not stand. Check out these cracker-ass lies from the racists at WSB-TV in Atlanta:

Oh, thats how it is, huh? A strong black woman tries to speak her mind in the United States of White America, and the Klan comes right down on her. Whatever happened to free speech, b!+ch?

This woman has done nothing wrong. Besides, she only wants to kill cops and white people in self-defense. What the hell is wrong with that, you damn racists?

#BlackLivesMatter. Free Latausha Nedd!