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This is the third and remaining article of a series describing the plane and techniques developed by and for the South African Air Power (SAAF) through the 1980's and 1990's. In line with BMW Motorsport factory S38-B38 is essentially the most powerful 6cyl engine BMW has ever produced ! The engine was to be the French Snecma M88, the same engine used in the Rafale. Nevertheless to make a distinction with the S38B35, the S38B36 engine was marked as a three.6 liter engine. Because the E26 ///M1 was designed for racing first, the M88 engine was closely modified. Till 1981, the M90 engine was used for the early 635CSI and the very rare and delectable E12 ///M535I from 1980. Initially this engine was used to check if the M88 engine was reliable with the slim web spacing of 6.6mm. For street use, the M88 is tuned to supply a great compromise between tractability, engine longevity and performance.

Hartge truly did tune the S38 engine family, but Alpina never touched a BMW-Motorsport engine. The S38 stands for, 'S' implies that the engine is originated by BMW Motorsport, the '3' implies that it is derived from the M30 engine family and final but not least, the 'eight' is chosen to make a reference to the legendary M88. Together with full restoration paint, engine customized work modifications, Interior and so M88-Vietnam on. They may not be spared for upgrades until replacements had been obtainable; nor might South Africa's defense trade, stretched skinny because it was, afford to give attention to their wants till the Cheetah, Carver, Oryx and Rooivalk plane programs were additional advanced.

However, the M88 was 40% lighter and shorter than the 09K50, providing a big enchancment in engine energy-to-weight ratio and taking up much less house in or on an aircraft than its older sibling. This means that this engine has exactly the same bore and stroke as the M88 and is directly related. The design was to incorporate a variety of options to lower its radar cross part, although it could not have been a true stealth aircraft. This engine was additionally used loads by tuners and the tuners with a manufacturer standing comparable to Hartge and Alpina.

This engine was fitted in amongst others the Hartge H5SP-24, their model of the E28 M5. Hartge also used this engine for the H36, an E30 ///M3 equiped with the Hartge's modified M88/3. Drive train: is the legendary S38-B36 from E34 M5 Word ( for many who do not know, this is the second generation S38 present in E34 M5,the engine is NOT like on US E28 M5, E24 M6).

The S38B38 was the last evolution within the S38 engine household and delivered 347hp @ 6900RPM and 409nm torque at 4750RPM. But also the velocity records from the twenties and thirties had been largely pushed race vehicles, which had been unceremoniously fueling of plane engines. The changeover valve operates when the engine pace is under 4120RPM and full throttle or the engine speed is above 6720RPM and full throttle.