Bank of England and LBMA Gold Vaults - The "London Float"

A case study regarding physical gold stored in London Vaults throughout LBMA 400 troy ounce gold bars has been undertaken by simply Ronan Manly, Koos Jansen, Bron Suchecki along with Nick Laird.

GoldCore: LBMA Vaulted Gold throughout London

Nick Laird features just completed an excellent article replete with many interesting and important charts that further illuminate the actual size the actual London Float that is the actual working supply of gold available to fulfill the gold markets every day requirements and also large international demand for gold nowadays especially via Germany, India and China.

The size the particular London Float can be analyzed and also presented in the shadows and also into the light of day.

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GoldCore: Vaulted Gold inside London

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Laird concludes in which there is an increasing shortage of physical gold bullion throughout LBMA vaults as well as about the COMEX due to the continuing flows involving gold east for you to match the existing rampant Asian demand.

The complete article and also excellent charts can be accessed here.


Todays Gold Prices: USD 1134.45, EUR 1012.31 as well as GBP 742.73 per ounce.

Yesterdays Gold Prices: USD 1124.60, EUR 1010.97 as well as GBP 734.77 for each ounce.


Gold within AUS us dollars - three months

Gold throughout Australian Money three Several Weeks (Reuters Eikon)

Gold rose 0.4% or even $4.70 to be able to $1,130.10 per ounce yesterday whilst silver fell 2 cents in order to $14.79 per ounce. Gold also eked out further gains in euros, kilos and most main currencies. Gold throughout Australian money may be specially strong.

In Singapore, gold bullion ticked just a little higher and maintained those gains in London, hovering just higher than the particular $1,135 for each ounce level. Silver costs are yet another 0.3% higher for you to $14.94 today, whilst platinum can be 1% higher

Palladium surged another 6% yesterday and can be also 0.3% down today. The Particular move appeared being any short squeeze and may even function as precursor for your lengthy awaited brief squeeze higher throughout gold and also silver.

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